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There are loads of ways to get in touch with us and we are keen to hear from you. Whatever it is you need there is a way to grab our attention.

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All listings on USPlaces are completely free of charge and we are pretty close to having every business and place of interest in the US included. We add hundreds of new businesses and make thousands of updates every day. But some do slip through the net – here is how you can update a listing or get listed for free.

Update or Remove an existing listing

In every listing you will see this icon, click to request an update on that listing, you will need to complete a short form and submit it for review. We aim to process requests within a few working days.  Here you can read a step-by-step guide on listing removals as well as other relevant user guides.

Submit a new listing

If you wish to submit a new listing you can do that by filling out the listing submission form, please try to include as much information as possible. Listings are completely free and can now include business descriptions, website links and your social media channels.

Social Media


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If you have any other type of enquiry not covered above please contact us at and we will address your email as soon as possible. Many Thanks