User Guides – Adding Social Media

For most businesses a social media presence is an important part of connecting with existing and new customers. Many businesses use Twitter, Facebook and other channels to engage on a daily basis and consider them an essential part of thier public relations and image. In a lot of cases business would consider social media the most important channel for connecting with customers.

Given all that we thought it would be really useful if you could put links to social media pages into listings, alongside telephone numbers and addresses. So thats what we did.

We now support links to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By using the feedback form unique to your listing you can submit links to your pages. Once reviewed they will appear prominently alongside you other contact details.

Here is a quick how to:

edit iconYou can find your unique feedback form by going to your listing and clicking on the ‘pen & paper’ icon which looks like this. In the feedback form unique to your listing you will find the section named ‘Contact Information’ in which there is three fields for Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Input the full URL of your pageĀ (see below) and submit the form for review. Simple.


Once reviewed you will see icons appear in your listing (see below), users can click here and are taken directly to your Twitter or Facebook making it easy for them to contact you instantly.


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