User Guides – New Listings

Getting listed on USplaces is completely free and only takes a few minnutes. If you want to improve your businesses visibility online and reach more potential customers then what are you waiting for? Fill out our business submission form now and you could be listed within a few days. Below you can read our user guide which explains the submission form in full.

First of all Click Here for a blank Listing Submissions form

The form has three main parts. ‘Name & Address’, ‘Contact Info’ & ‘Category & Business Info’. After filling out all of your business information you will be asked for your name and email, then you can submit your business for review.

Name & Address – Here you can add your business name and address. The Geo-coordinates and map pointer will be automatically filled according the the address you have entered. You can move the map pointer if needed.Name & Address

Contact Info – Here you can add your phone number and web address. We can also show you social media channels in your listing but you need to add the full URL like below. We cannot use your twitter handle (e.g. @BlackthornWeb)Contact Info

Category & Business Info - In the last section you can select your business category from a pre-set list. We have over 20,000 options so you should be able to find a suitable one. Simply type in the box and a drop-down will appear with matching categories. Try a few before selecting the best. You can also add up to four secondary categories, click the arrow below the Main Category box to do this.USFeedback5

Below the category you can also add a business description. Please keep it to at most three paragraphs and avoid using all caps, long lists, keyword groups, and web links. Any description using these will most likely not be added to your listing.

Claim Your Listing – Once you have added all of your business information you will need to claim your listing. We need your name, position and an email address. You may also add a comment to help our data team process your information. Please note that your information will not be published nor shared or dispersed in any way whatsoever, we use it for validatory purposes only.BlackthornWeb3

Once your listing is claimed you can submit your detils by returning to the top of the form and clicking ‘Submit Query.’ Our data team will review your submission and you should see your business listed within a few working days. If you have any issues you can email us at, however we do not accept new submission via this email address.